Introverted Students, Snow Days, the M&M Half Life Lab, and Star Wars

My past week was low key because there were three days with no students due to snow! I am a lover of structure because I wasn’t very productive during those three days. Here are my random thoughts, discoveries, and accomplishments from this past week.



I recently finished listening to the audiobook version to “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking“.  The book made me wonder how many teacher bloggers are introverted (like me). It has a section specifically for teachers with advice on teaching introverted students.



I took the Star Wars personality type quiz just for fun and was surprised to find it accurately identified my myers brigg personality type (even if it is star wars style). Any other Obi-Wan Kenobi counselor types out there?



I found out that I was selected for an instructional grant and will be receiving 15 chromebooks in my classroom. Any advice for my chromebook adventures?



I shared some science vocabulary strategies recently and here is another one. It is Word Links: A Strategy for Developing Word Knowledge. Students create a three column table of “First word, relationship, second word”. Using vocabulary cards or a vocabulary lists, they describe relationships between two words. Here is a relationship between “slow” and “fast” related to the rock cycle.



My students calculated the half-life of radioactive M&M’s. Here is the source of inspiration for this activity. I kept wanted to call “Candium” Cadmium.


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