Classroom Rules and Classroom Focus

I love the rules that are implemented by all the teachers at my school.

1. Speak and act respectfully.
2. Be prompt and prepared.
3. Be honest and productive.
4. Set challenging and realistic goals and pursue them.
5. Have the courage to do the right thing.

I used these rules as the starting point for finding inspirational quotes that send similar messages.  I’m quite a quote junkie as evidenced by my “Inspirational Art + Language” Pinterest board! I settled on my top five quotes (12345) and tweaked each quote so it starts with an actionable verb, is in first person, and is fairly short.  It was a happy accident that I ended up spelling the word “focus“.

Here is my result:

Class-Rules-Remixed-Into-Class-Focus-by-Mrs-Harris-Teaches-Science-WebsizeYou can click the above image to download the smaller version for free.

You can purchase a higher quality digital version of this poster at my Teachers Pay Teachers store!


Mrs. Harris Signature

P.S. What quotes inspire your classroom?

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