Science Freebie: Biomes and Ecosystems

When I taught fifth grade, I liked to do an activity to tie in content from our biomes and ecosystem lessons.  This freebie helps review terms like biome, ecosystem, producer, consumer, decomposer, food chain, and food web.

These cards can accommodate up to 8 groups of students of 6 students each. Here is just ONE way to use this freebie:

  • Each student group gets a different biome card. Each group member choses a different item off the card (an animal, plant, or name of biome). Once students chose their research topic, they receive either the graphic organizer for organisms (page 2) or the graphic organizer for biomes (page 3). Students can use books or the computer to research their topic. After each student individually completes their research, they come back together to create a group poster to present their findings.

Click the picture for a link to the biomes and ecosystems freebie which contains 8 biome cards and two graphic organizers.

Biomes and Ecosystem Freebie Download Button

How  would you use this freebie?

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