This is for pictures from past and current classrooms.

I will be putting pictures of my current high school classroom here once I take them. (I am hoping to do this at the end of this school year!)

This is my past elementary school classroom.

This is the quintessential “before shot” I took with my camera phone.

Beginning of Year Desk Arrangement – Desks face front to facilitate the sharing of beginning of year procedures.

Homework Schedule – Posted daily each morning by “task manager” (a classroom job of a student).

Book Nook Reading Spots– During independent reading time, students sit at the spot where their clothespin name is located. These spots are rotated weekly by the “book nook captain” (another student classroom job).

Copies of Multiple Books in Classroom Library – My classroom was originally designed to be a primary classroom.  Once upon a time this was a teacher’s office.  I think this shows my previous schools age!

Examples of “Book Nook” Spots – Bean bags and dome chairs make great places to read!

Carpet in Center of Room for Mini-lessons

“Short Reads” and Books Recommended by Peers

Classroom Library Books Organized by Level – As told to students, the books are “tough”, “tougher”, and “toughest”. The letters correlate to the Fountas and Pinnell level of each book.

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