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TPACK vs SAMR Infographic

A teacher friend and I had a Chromebook crash course today. When tasked with sharing about SAMR and TPACK, we decided to use (and simultaneously learn) about a new tool, Piktochart. It has been my nerdy teacher dream to have my students create infographics, so I am super excited to …

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Flow State in the Classroom

Csikszentmihalyi’s Theory of Flow defines flow as “a pleasurable state of high productivity which can occur either during work or play”. Ernest W. Adams applied this theory to playing games, but it is easily applied to any learning task.                 It is often during creative …

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Embracing the TPACK Model

This summer I’ve embarked on a journey with a cohort of teachers committed to integrating technology meaningfully into their classrooms. Today we …

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Science with Style: Earth Day Poster

In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, here is another poster from Graphic Artist, Kapil Bhagat who I first shared about here. Happy …

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What is your reaction?

Last week I shared about a chemical reaction vocabulary activity that I was creating for my students. I was inspired by this …

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Videos Galore – Vimeo, Zaption, and More

Spring may or may not officially be here. (Read the Difference between Astronomical and Meteorological Seasons here.) I’m on a video kick …

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Guest Blogging on My Site

Interested in guest blogging? Click to fill out the survey! My blog is my home. You can take your shoes off or leave …

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Science Vocabulary Strategies

Here are two science vocabulary strategies – one is old and is new (for me). Concept Mapping If you have never used …

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