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Typographic Class Rules Poster

One of the digital creations I am most proud of is my class rules focus poster. I had a large version printed at Staples to go in my classroom. (You can buy a digital version at Teachers Pay Teachers if you are interested.) For me, it was a breakthrough in …

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Problem and Project Based Learning

I’m working with a bunch of wonderful teachers today and our discussion centered on problem/project based learning. Here are some resources about …

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My Review of PixiClip

My ninth graders used PixiClip to create an informational video discussing the advantages and disadvantages of a chosen energy resource. When I …

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My Infopic of Teacher Learning

After a packed day of teacher development today, we were asked to create an infopic about our learning for the day. Here are …

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Science Teacher Reading – Vol. 3

Here is my Saturday installment of what I’ve been reading recently. Happy 4th of July! The US invests in a star wars …

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What This Science Teacher Reads – Volume 2

Make your own lava! (Okay, this wasn’t technically reading, but it is an interesting video!) Biodiversity has (un)expected positive impacts. A course …

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TPACK vs. SAMR Infographic – Part 2

I shared about the infographic that Rebecca Cissel of 21st Century Tekkie and I created. Now it is even better because Rebecca …

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