Mrs.HarrisA Short Little ‘About Mrs.Harris’: I am an educator with diverse interests that all relate back to my love of science and education.  My hobbies include having fun with outdoor sports, photography, graphic design, pottery, and all things diy.  I entered the blogging scene in 2013 (partly because I felt high school teachers needed more representation in the blogosphere)!

Welcome to MrsHarrisTeaches!  I am Mrs. Harris, and I am a strange one.  I began my teaching career in elementary school but now I’m in high school.  I taught fifth grade for five years at the same awesome elementary school.  In 2012, I began my adventure teaching high school physics and earth/environmental at an equally awesome, but very different, high school. You can read more about my journey to teaching here.

This blog is designed to chronicle what I’ve learned from my new experiences teaching high school and to reflect on my past experiences teaching elementary.  I want to share ideas that I use or have used in my classroom.  I want this blog to be helpful for you.

I am a science teacher because I ♥ science.  Simple as that.  This blog will focus on science lessons and labs.

I believe in teacher collaboration and sharing with the goal of positive and effective change in education. I consider myself a realistic optimist.

I designed MrsHarrisTeaches to reach out to others in education and to allow others to reach out to me.  Please email me if you any suggestions or comments for this website.

You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Teachers Pay Teachers.  I would be honored if you followed me at any or all of these places.  This will help you stay in touch with what’s happening at MrsHarrisTeaches.

Thank you very much for stopping by and I hope to see you again!

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P.S. Read my disclaimer and disclosure policy here.

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