Five for Friday Second

This is my SECOND “Five for Friday” linkup with Doodlebug’s Teaching Blog.  It has been a QUICK week!


First up is my latest “spice up your classroom quick” trick.  It involves using contact paper that has modern and fun designs.  I purchased two rolls of this chevron gray pattern at TJ Maxx for around 5 smackaroos.  I have to stop myself from covering everything with it.  And yes, this is what my desk usually looks like.  Don’t be jealous of its semi-organized glory; all my mess is contained to a table that you can’t see in this picture.



Second is a sneak peak from a Barycenter lab my Earth Science students completed this week.



Third is my newest favorite online site “The Keep Calm-O-Matic“.


I made this awesome poster using The Keep Calm-O-Matic:



Fourth up is my NEW Tumblr site.  I’ve never used Tumblr before, but this whole blogging thing is new too, so I might as well jump right in!  You can follow Mrs. Harris Teaches on Tumblr.



Last is an Earth Science Jeopardy Freebie.  I’ve shared an Earth Science Jeopardy freebie before about Plate Tectonics.  This one is about human impact on the earth (including water, air, and land pollution).


So what is a favorite highlight from your week?  My favorite is the keep calm poster!


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