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Last week I shared about a chemical reaction vocabulary activity that I was creating for my students. I was inspired by this post. Well, here it is and I’ve already used it with students! It really made my students think about decomposition, synthesis, double displacement, and single replacement reaction types. …

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Videos Galore – Vimeo, Zaption, and More

Spring may or may not officially be here. (Read the Difference between Astronomical and Meteorological Seasons here.) I’m on a video kick …

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Guest Blogging on My Site

Interested in guest blogging? Click to fill out the survey! My blog is my home. You can take your shoes off or leave …

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Science Vocabulary Strategies

Here are two science vocabulary strategies – one is old and is new (for me). Concept Mapping If you have never used …

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Currently in February

I was wondering this currently was pink and then I remembered this is the month of love. I already bought my husband’s …

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Hanging Around is a Joy

This was the first week of a new semester and I’m not exhausted. This is not sarcasm. Seriously. (It may be the …

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Memrise, Glue Sponges, and Teaching Like a Champion

This past week was low key because it was the end of this past semester and included two work days. I was …

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