My Infopic of Teacher Learning

After a packed day of teacher development today, we were asked to create an infopic about our learning for the day. Here are some snippets of my learning from the day: PicCollage is the app I used to create my infopic. Being a Linux and PC user primarily, I’m rediscovering what it …

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Science Teacher Reading – Vol. 3

Here is my Saturday installment of what I’ve been reading recently. Happy 4th of July! The US invests in a star wars hover bike. I want one! Like last week, here is another video, but these giant bubbles on the beach have to be seen! By the time you read …

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What This Science Teacher Reads – Volume 2

Make your own lava! (Okay, this wasn’t technically reading, but it is an interesting video!) Biodiversity has (un)expected positive impacts. A course …

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TPACK vs. SAMR Infographic – Part 2

I shared about the infographic that Rebecca Cissel of 21st Century Tekkie and I created. Now it is even better because Rebecca …

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TPACK vs SAMR Infographic

A teacher friend and I had a Chromebook crash course today. When tasked with sharing about SAMR and TPACK, we decided to …

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Flow State in the Classroom

Csikszentmihalyi’s Theory of Flow defines flow as “a pleasurable state of high productivity which can occur either during work or play”. Ernest …

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Embracing the TPACK Model

This summer I’ve embarked on a journey with a cohort of teachers committed to integrating technology meaningfully into their classrooms. Today we …

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Science with Style: Earth Day Poster

In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, here is another poster from Graphic Artist, Kapil Bhagat who I first shared about here. Happy …

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What is your reaction?

Last week I shared about a chemical reaction vocabulary activity that I was creating for my students. I was inspired by this …

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